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About 24/7 Defense

Dr. Dan Fitzsimons is actively engaged in training and equipping individuals and teams in defensive skills throughout New England. With over 40 years of experiences in dangerous environments, life’s lessons in personal and executive protection lead to teaching the next generation in how to live prepared for challenges. Dan is a certified USCCA Instructor, CPR and Stop the Bleed Instructor, as well as Advanced Tactical Trainer and Critical Incident trainer. Firearms and Non-Lethal tools are taught to allow for the full spectrum of responses which best fit unique situations.

Why choose 24/7 Defense Training?

  • ​Become Your Family's Ultimate Protector

  • Carry with Confidence

  • Respond to Emergencies

Mission: We prepare people to survive life threats through instruction and practicing defensive skills.


Vision: To stop human suffering in New England from violent behavior and injuries.


Values: Flexible, timely, and effective skills preparation by highly experienced mentors, for protecting yourself, family and community.

Slogan: "Live Ready"

Mission: Prepare Houses of Worship for chaos and challenges, through defensive instruction, planning, idea sharing, and practice, to allow God’s creation to flourish.


Vision: To honor God with peaceful congregations throughout New England.


Values: Bible-based thoughtful, lawful, flexible, and customized solutions focused on the local faith community.

Slogan: "Keeping Peace in God's House"


Meet the Team

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1335 Auburn Road

Turner, Maine 04282

207-224-0003 (Office)
207-212-7849 (Cell)

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